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Loves Caprice Bertha M. Clay

Loves Caprice

Bertha M. Clay

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 About the Book 

Pseudonym of Charlotte M. Brame.Charlotte Mary Brame (usually known as Charlotte M. Brame, last name sometimes mistakenly given as Braeme- appeared under pseudonyms in America, notably Bertha M. Clay, and was sometimes identified by the name of her most famous novel, Dora Thorne) (November 1, 1836 - November 25, 1884) was an English novelist.She was born in Hinckley, Leicestershire, to Benjamin and Charlotte Agnes Law, devout Roman Catholics. After attending convent schools in Bristol and Preston and a finishing school in Paris, she worked as a governess before marrying Phillip Edward Brame (1839–1886), a London-based jeweler, on January 7, 1863. The couple had nine children, of which four lived to adulthood. Since Brame was a poor businessman and a drunkard, Charlotte found herself forced to support the family with her writing. Her books were very successful with the public, but her earnings were severely diminished by piracy, particularly in the United States. The family lived in London, Manchester, and Brighton before returning to Hinckley, where she died in 1884. She owed money at her death, and her children were taken into guardianship- her husband committed suicide in May 1886.